3rd Wave Submissions Period Closes Aug. 11

Our submissions period for our 3rd Wave ends tomorrow, August 11. If you LIKE Sea Giraffe on Facebook, (or if you follow us on Twitter and followed the link to our Facebook) you already know this. We decided to make the announcement on Facebook earlier than everywhere else to reward those of you who have decided to follow us over there. We have over 1,700 followers on Twitter and only 130 or so personal LIKES on Facebook, so we gave those lucky 130 the exclusive early notice.

We toyed with the idea of extending the deadline, but we have decided against it for a number of reasons. For starters, Submishmash, the submissions manager we use, is launching a new 2.0 version on Saturday, August 12. We don’t anticipate any technical difficulties, but just to be safe we are closing submissions down before the change takes effect. The other reason is that we are excited to get our 3rd Wave published. We have received some great work already, and we want to get it out there. Our 3rd Wave is looking like it will be our largest Wave yet.

So, you have a little over 24 hours to get your work submitted for consideration. We will not be closing down submissions until tomorrow evening. No submissions will be accepted after the fact, but no final decisions will be made until all submissions are read, re-read, and reviewed.




About Sea Giraffe

Sea Giraffe is a new online literary magazine that aims to publish poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from any and all writers, whether they are published or putting their very first words onto paper. Good writing is good writing, regardless of your previous accomplishments. As long as your head is above the water, you can breathe the sky. View all posts by Sea Giraffe

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